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OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Not anything ear (1)

OnePlus not too long ago introduced the Buds Z2, which might be a couple of really wi-fi earbuds and successor to the 2020 OnePlus Buds Z. Whilst they're nonetheless moderately reasonably priced, the brand new type comes with lively noise-cancellation and stepped forward drivers for higher efficiency.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

Priced at $100, the brand new Buds Z2 price precisely the similar because the Not anything ear (1), which too are a couple of reasonably priced wi-fi earbuds with ANC. Having reviewed them up to now, we had our reservations about each merchandise however in the end each looked as if it would carry out somewhat properly for the cost. The query then is which one's higher? Let's in finding out.


In terms of aesthetics, the Not anything ear (1) have a transparent benefit. The usage of clear plastics for the case and the earbuds is as putting nowadays because it was once six months in the past. Few merchandise are as attention-grabbing and distinctive of their look. The brand new black variant loses a few of that see-through attraction with its darkened black plastics however continues to be great to take a look at.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

By contrast, the Buds Z2 seems to be moderately generic. The full design is rehashed from the primary era type even supposing there are some variations. The pill-shaped case is now narrower because the earbuds inside of are smaller. Extra particularly, the stems of the earbuds are smaller however the form is the same.

The Buds Z2 do, alternatively, have higher construct high quality. They characteristic IP55 mud and water resistance whilst the Not anything ear (1) have simplest IPX4 splash resistance. The case additionally feels higher put in combination; whilst our white overview unit of the ear (1) had a company lid, the black type had a free and shaky hinge. The ear (1) case additionally will get lined in scratches inside days of use and step by step loses its luster whilst the Buds Z2 case simplest turns out to draw fingerprints and smudges however may also be wiped clean off simply.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

My unique grievance with the Buds Z case nonetheless holds true for the Buds Z2. The best way the earbuds are organized throughout the case with their stems pointing inwards makes them awkward to take away and position again. Your hand naturally needs to position them with the stems going through outwards after you pull them from your ears however then you definitely have to curl your hand to show the stem inwards sooner than hanging them again within the case.

General, even though, this one is going to the Buds Z2. The Not anything ear (1) glance so much nicer however the Buds Z2 are higher constructed.


Whilst convenience is a subjective factor, I had no problems with both pair of earbuds as each are reasonably small and light-weight. After some time, you generally tend to fail to remember you're even dressed in anything else.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

Whilst the Buds Z2 are the lighter of the 2, they appear to principally weigh the similar. Alternatively, the longer stalks of the Z2 are extra noticeable than the ones of the ear (1), which slightly contact the facet of your face. Regardless, neither pair must pose any main convenience problems to maximum customers.

Device and contours

The OnePlus Buds Z2 and the Not anything ear (1) each characteristic a significant other app for customizing their characteristic set.

The Not anything app is moderately fundamental and similar on iOS and Android. You'll regulate the ANC modes (ANC on, ANC off, Transparency), and alter the power of the ANC (Gentle, Most). There also are 4 EQ presets to be had (Balanced, Extra Treble, Extra Bass, Voice) however no customized EQ. You'll additionally exchange what occurs while you triple-tap the earbuds (Subsequent Tune, Earlier Tune, No motion) and for those who press and cling (Noise cancellation, No motion). A double-tap all the time pauses the tune.

Nothing ear (1) app Nothing ear (1) app Nothing ear (1) app Nothing ear (1) app Nothing ear (1) app
Not anything ear (1) app

Different issues you'll be able to do within the app: disable the in-ear detection, alter the latency mode (Standard, Low latency), use In finding My Earbud, and replace the firmware. The In finding My Earbud characteristic nonetheless performs the sound at most quantity as an alternative of a crescendo to keep away from listening to harm if the earbuds are nonetheless on your ears however no less than now it warns you sooner than taking part in the sound.

The Buds Z2 have successfully two apps. On OnePlus telephones, you depend on a integrated characteristic that integrates the choices throughout the Bluetooth settings by way of a system-level app. It takes one too many steps, particularly on older OnePlus telephones, however as soon as in you're greeted with a UI that appears a part of the OxygenOS moderately than being a separate app.

Right here you'll be able to alter the ANC modes, earbud gestures with a couple of further choices in comparison to the ear (1), together with a gesture the place you press and cling to change between the present and in the past paired tool, in-ear detection settings, and an AirPods Professional taste earbud are compatible check. In contrast to the dearer OnePlus Buds Professional, you aren't getting further options like Zen Mode Air (performs soothing sounds) and OnePlus Audio ID (customizes the sound in your listening to) with the Buds Z2.

OnePlus audio settings on the 9RT OnePlus audio settings on the 9RT OnePlus audio settings on the 9RT OnePlus audio settings on the 9RT OnePlus audio settings on the 9RT OnePlus audio settings on the 9RT OnePlus audio settings on the 9RT
OnePlus audio settings at the 9RT

Alternatively, in case you are on a non-OnePlus Android telephone or an iPhone, then you need to depend at the HeyMelody app. This app is designed to toughen all Oppo and OnePlus earbuds and has necessarily the similar options and controls however with a special UI.

In comparison to the barebones audio customization options within the Not anything app, the Buds Z2 supply no audio customization in any respect. You're anticipated to make any changes by way of your telephone's system-level EQ as an alternative, assuming you will have any.

This brings me to the Dolby Atmos toughen claimed through OnePlus for the Buds Z2 and a couple of different OnePlus audio merchandise. This declare is totally bogus, or on the very least extraordinarily deceptive and is dependent upon studying the positive print. In spite of what the promoting would possibly lead you to consider, not one of the OnePlus wi-fi merchandise toughen Dolby Atmos. The Atmos toughen comes from the OnePlus smartphone they're paired to, and that too make a selection OnePlus smartphone fashions.

This implies you'll be able to revel in Dolby Atmos for those who pair those earbuds with one of the vital OnePlus telephones that helps this option. However you want to additionally simply use any stressed or wi-fi headphones with those telephones and revel in Dolby Atmos. I used to be ready to make use of Atmos on a OnePlus 9RT without reference to whether or not I used to be the usage of the OnePlus Buds Z2 or the Not anything ear (1).

The purpose is that the Dolby Atmos characteristic isn't inherent to the OnePlus Buds Z2 however moderately to the supply tool and you want a supply with the characteristic for it to paintings, whether or not with those earbuds or another.


Audio high quality

The Buds Z2 characteristic 11mm drivers while the ear (1) have somewhat greater 11.6mm graphene drivers. Each toughen simplest SBC and AAC formats and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity.

The Buds Z2 and ear (1) are each average-sounding earbuds. Whilst nor is specifically dangerous, they have got very robust tonal traits, which makes selecting one over the opposite tricky.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

The ear (1) are very vivid and sibilant-sounding earbuds. Many of the tonality is ruled through the over the top power within the higher registers, which makes the sound appear excessively shrill or harsh from time to time. The mid-range takes a little of a again seat, particularly within the higher levels, and sounds a little hole. It additionally has a nasal and robot high quality to it, which does not make voices sound specifically delightful. The bass reaction is just right with an total blank supply and a slight bump on the low-end for some further rumble.

The Buds Z2, alternatively, are totally ruled through a great deal of mid-bass. It has a tendency to drown out lots of the different sounds, specifically within the mid-range. The high-end is somewhat well-balanced however does have some sibilance at positive frequencies.

In comparison to the dearer Buds Professional, the Buds Z2 have a somewhat much less pronounced mid-range reaction and a extra robot tonality. It kind of feels the audio processing is not as subtle or makes use of inexpensive elements, although the drivers are similar. Each have the similar bloated mid-bass reaction.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

With such other audio signatures, it is onerous to mention which one to head for. Neither comes even as regards to attaining neutrality or any kind of steadiness within the sound, as an alternative who prefer to spice up one finish of the audio spectrum or the opposite. Alternatively, whilst the bass of the Buds Z2 is a bloated mess, they do sound a little extra herbal within the mids, particularly whilst paying attention to essentially vocal content material like podcasts. The ear (1), alternatively, had an hectic steel twang to the vocals that made them fallacious for vocal content material.

Technically, nor is specifically spectacular. With regards to solution and element, they're each moderately mediocre. The ear (1) generally tend to sound a little extra detailed however that is in large part because of the exaggerated treble reaction. The Buds Z2 generally tend to sound mellower and a little mushier when compared. Each have common imaging and soundstaging.

Whilst each can get slightly loud, the Buds Z2 can get louder. That is typically no longer a priority as each have considerable quantity for normal tune playback, when paying attention to content material with a low quantity, the Buds Z2 can flex their upper top quantity over the ear (1). It is imaginable the variation is also because of the Indian model of the Buds Z2 I am the usage of right here having the next 102dB quantity prohibit vs the 98dB at the world type. The world type would possibly get in a similar fashion loud because the ear (1) in different areas.


The Buds Z2 have higher microphone efficiency than the ear (1). Each sound ok in a quiet room, with the Buds Z2 sounding marginally higher because the sound from the ear (1) has a tendency to waver a little.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

In a loud surroundings, each do a cheap activity of decreasing the ambient noise. Alternatively, whilst the voice from the Buds Z2 stays audible and transparent, the voice from the ear (1) has a tendency to get obliterated in conjunction with the noise and it is onerous to grasp what's being stated.

Noise cancellation

Each the Buds Z2 and the ear (1) characteristic lively noise cancellation with a transparency mode. Each help you alter the extent of noise cancellation or flip it off totally.

The ANC on each earbuds is mediocre. Each do an ok activity eliminating the rumble and thrum of ambient noise however do little or no in regards to the noise within the mid and higher levels. The Buds Z2 do a little higher right here while with the ear (1) it is frequently onerous to inform if the ANC is even running. In case you care about ANC, neither pair of earbuds is a great selection.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

Each have somewhat just right transparency mode. The only at the Buds Z2 sounds a little extra herbal however the ear (1) also are serviceable on this regard.

The Buds Z2 help you select two or extra of its ANC modes to briefly toggle between with the contact gesture during the app. You'll, for instance, make a selection ANC Max and Transparency as your two choices and toggle between them with the gesture. The ear (1) wouldn't have this feature and so you'll cycle between all 3 ANC choices — ANC On, transparency, ANC off — each time.


The Buds Z2 have higher latency efficiency of the 2. Whilst looking at movies, the Buds Z2 really feel nearly as just right as stressed earbuds without a perceivable lengthen. Whilst taking part in video games, the lengthen is a little more noticeable however nonetheless affordable. There may be additionally a low latency mode however it could simplest be enabled with make a selection OnePlus telephones when the telephone is in Professional Gaming mode.

The ear (1) latency efficiency was once horrible after we reviewed them at release. It has stepped forward a little since then however continues to be no longer just right sufficient. Whilst looking at movies, the audio lengthen is slightly low however it could float aside for those who scrub during the video. Gaming efficiency is ruthlessly dangerous or even the low latency choice that was once added post-launch does not do a lot to make stronger the location.

Connectivity and reliability

With regards to normal connectivity and reliability, the Buds Z2 carried out properly. I did not have any problems with dropped connections and even an occasional blip and the earbuds carried out reliably right through.

The ear (1), alternatively, are anything else however dependable. At release, the product was once principally a multitude with a variety of tool and {hardware} problems. Since then, the severity of the problems has long gone down however you continue to face them regularly.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

The problems fluctuate from just one earbud running from time to time, the ANC mode kicking in in just one ear, the ANC mode drifting out and in, or randomly switching to the sunshine surroundings with out if truth be told being switched within the app, occasional pauses or blips within the sound, and so on.

There also are {hardware} problems with the product. The earbuds will infrequently no longer sit down appropriately within the charging case and stay paired with the telephone even after you could have closed the lid. On a few events, I have come again to the telephone hours later simplest to look the earbuds nonetheless hooked up from the remaining time I used them. It's a must to track your telephone to look if the earbuds have disconnected each time, one thing you wouldn't have to do with different earbuds.

Simply to be transparent, those are not problems skilled on a unmarried pair of Not anything ear (1) however moderately 4 other pairs. In fact, it is 3 other pairs since the fourth one was once lifeless on arrival and not if truth be told labored.

Battery Existence

The Buds Z2 have the simpler battery lifetime of the 2. OnePlus claims 5 hours of battery lifestyles and I controlled to get 4.5 hours of continuing playback.

The Not anything additionally claims 5 hours of battery lifestyles for the ear (1), which is oddly upper than the unique declare of four hours. I controlled to get 3.5 hours of continuing playback, which is extra in keeping with the unique declare and a long way from the brand new one.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

In each instances, the ANC was once on and so they have been examined the usage of AAC with matched volumes.


On paper, the Not anything ear (1) look like the extra fascinating and thrilling fabricated from the 2. The clear design won't ever no longer be putting and inspires an emotional reaction you infrequently get from merchandise on this worth class.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

Sadly, it simply is going downhill from there for the ear (1). The sound is overly harsh and treble-heavy, the ANC is vulnerable, the microphone plays poorly in noisy environments, and the audio latency is simply too excessive for gaming.

However what we could the ear (1) down essentially the most is the reliability problems. There are each tool and {hardware} problems with the product nonetheless months after release and at this level, it sort of feels we're looking ahead to the second one era type moderately than anticipating issues to get any higher with this one.

The OnePlus Buds Z2, alternatively, most commonly paintings as you'll be expecting. On best of that, they have got higher ANC efficiency, higher microphone high quality, a lot decrease latency, and in addition higher battery lifestyles. The sound is far too bass-heavy however the common purchaser is also into that greater than the ear (1)'s treble-heavy sound, so for some this will likely if truth be told be an upside.

General, the OnePlus Buds Z2 is the simpler fabricated from the 2.

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